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   I often get asked many questions about photography and I love to help out as much as I can! My last intern I used became my second shooter and is now booking her own weddings! When I first started I worked as a second shooter but didn't feel I was pushed to go on my own. I wasn't confident at all and ended up being a second shooter for way to long! Now there's NOTHING wrong with being a second shooter especially when you can't or don't want to be full time. BUT if you want to be full time, a second shooter job won't let that happen. I want to help make photographers feel confident and teach them the ins and outs to the best of my ability. Even if you don't want to shoot weddings, there are so many opportunities with photography. FaceTime/Skype calls are welcome as well, price will vary. Fill out a form. Lets get started! 

What do you want to learn?

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